Monday, July 26, 2010

Um... Detox What?!

The detox is going... um.... badly. Haha. OK, so when I don't blog I lose all my accountability and I'm totally vulnerable to very bad urges.

Day one went pretty well. I stayed away from carbs, stuck pretty close to the regiment, but I did stray a bit and had a few pieces of pasta with my meal that night. Oh, and I also had some off-limit spices on my veggies. That's not totally bad right? Oh yes, and by the end of the day I was already sick of cranberry juice.

Day two sucked. I was getting so hungry. Veggies just weren't enough. It was terrible. I never felt hunger pangs this bad. Hubby is a terrible influence and took me to a barbecue where I strayed yet again and had not one but two cheeseburgers. So I ate them without a bun, but still pretty bad.

Day three was a little worse. I actually went to work out to see how I would feel and I got so weak during training that I came home and strayed yet again.

So my conclusions so far:
  • This detox is better as a guideline for me. I'm using it as more of a backdrop, and keeping the elements that I think are actually helping me. Mainly, I'm staying away from (most) carbs, dairy, and unnecessary sugars.
  • I'm increasing the levels of protein and allowing myself to have a few carbs because I don't want to give up on my strength training and rigorous exercise routine, which is not actually not allowed until Phase 3 of this program.
  • The program has, however, gotten me to increase my fluid intake substantially. I'm now drinking more than the 64oz of water advised per day.

OK so... sorry ladies I am kind of a failure with this! Hopefully all these little modifications will still let me lose a good amount of weight by the end of week 2. Hopefully we'll see!


  1. You know, programs don't work for everyone. Sometimes we have to modify it to fit us. I think it's fine. You're not failing. You're adjusting.

  2. Thanks Traci! :) Good point!