Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot as Fudge and advice from Pamela Anderson

The Advice

OK so I have been having the worst time with cravings lately. I've been fantasizing about chocolate and cookies that I should really be on that show Intervention (about the drug addicts). It's pretty embarrassing. I'll stand in the candy isle and contemplate whether I'm strong enough to have just one. I know I'm not. I can admit that. So when I go home what do I do? I eat hot dogs, cheese, rolls, carbs. So I've started trying something that I heard Pamela Anderson say during an interview about how she deals with cravings: every time you have a craving, brush your teeth.

So smart! Everything tastes weird after you've brushed your teeth. And there's just something about that minty taste that makes you not want to eat anything else anymore. I'm pretty sure I heard something before about mint and cravings, but I'm not really interested in Googling about that right now. Any way, I just wanted to share. It's been working intermittently. Less at night, but during the day it's working wonders on my thunder thighs. Plus... I'll have a super white smile while I bring sexy back :)

So Wednesday... The day after I had my little confrontation with a bitchy lady at the gym: The night prior I was fantasizing about all the wonderfully hateful things I would say to her if she were to try to talk to me again. Maybe I would take the high road and just tattle-tell on her to the gym's corporate office... Or maybe I'd decide to go grade-school and make fun of her lesbian haircut, or how she's probably a crack-addict or something because she's missing teeth...I was so ready with my little army of insults... Too bad that it was record-breaking heat and I was too busy dealing with my fussy baby in a house with no AC that I barely had time to take a well-needed shower.

was worse. I actually drove around for hours doing needless errands because we have AC in the car. Record breaking heat again. The news said we haven't had heat like this on this day since 1953. Ridiculous. I remember we were freezing on the 4th.

was pretty good. Finally back on track. Hubby ended up going to the gym with me. To be honest I was glad he went. He's so much better at talking down to people than I am. Even though I may be a conniving little bitch in my head, it's actually very hard to push my buttons enough for me to totally blow my lid. Hubby on the other hand... has been kicked out of a few places because he doesn't back down. If he feels someone in his family has been mistreated, he'll trash talk until he's personally escorted off the premises. I was a little sad that we didn't have any confrontations.

My life really needs more action... Sorry for it being so anti-climactic. My little girl was just so happy to be in an air conditioned room that she slept the whole time she was at daycare when we were in the gym.So my husband and I are trying to live a more active lifestyle. Living in Washington, we get so much rain that we rarely got the chance to enjoy the outdoors. Today, instead of seeing a movie, we went for a walk around our Capitol Lake.

Oh! And the blog hop! Hop on the train.. choo choo!


  1. I heard the brushing your teeth thing too...

    V difficult to do if you aren't at home though lol.... she prob has a lacky carrying about her brush, paste and floss... I'd feel weird at someone else's house if they bring out the cake plates and I slipped upstairs and came back smelling minty fresh



    Gail xxx
    (signed in as craft blog- this is actually me ;) )

  2. OMGOSH! your baby is soooo cute!

    - Lisa

  3. Gail--Haha that's a good point. I wouldn't feel right brushing my teeth some place other than my house...

    Lisa--Thanks :) I think she's getting cuter every day!