Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So Yuck.

So I realize that it's been almost a week since I've written last. Because of this absence, I now know what it feels like to "fall off the wagon." I actually was doing pretty good until the Fourth.

Oh. My. God. I love elephant ears. Those big, deep fried, crispy bread things with tons of sugar all over them. I really was meaning to eat healthier. Even packed a banana and a protein bar. But yeah. Festival food is awesome. Also had a corn dog. It was great. I'm not going to lie. Failing never tasted so delicious.

Enough about food though--It was a pretty awesome day. The first time the baby's ever really been to a "festival." It's also the first time she's ever seen fireworks. She was so cute. She's always so fascinated with moving lights and stuff, so it was great to see her so engaged in it all.

This week has been decent so far. Yesterday was a great leg work out. I can tell because my leg muscles are being pretty bitchy today. Hopefully I can gather my energy and go to spin again today. Maybe....


  1. What a CUTE! The things we have to give up for the beauty of the future. Hang in there girl you will lose all that baby fat soon.

  2. What a cute daughter you have :) Elephant ears! Man, I 've never tried those, but they sure sound yummy! Good luck as you continue your journey to a healthier YOU!

  3. Great site! Im here from Fat to Fit! Hope you come visit and follow as well! Hope to see you soon!
    Cute baby!!

  4. Thanks Ladies! She is a huge part of my inspiration <3 I just wish she didn't have such bad separation anxiety.

    Midori--oh my goodness, you need to find elephant ears! I know I'm playing a bit of the devil's advocate here, but they're seriously life changing :)